Our vision

The lawfirm VANDERVEEREN, THYS & DE NYS is located in the heart of the city of Brussels, close to the Palace of Justice.
Brussels is a central city. It goes beyond the Belgian or even European framework. Being in the city means being close to the citizens. Our medium-sized structure promotes easy and quick contact.
We are therefore very close to our customers, with respect for the tradition of the counter.


You will appreciate the quality of a personal approach. You’ll benefit from wise and concerted advice. You’ll receive full assistance in the handling of a dispute. You’ll always have the opportunity to make your decisions in full knowledge of the analysed situation in order to give the best response to it: negotiate, organize mediation or take legal action.


A transparent relationship is a priority for us. We stay in permanent contact with you to discuss the evolution of your file and to choose the best strategies in the defence of your interests. On a regular basis you’ll also be informed of the costs, including fees, for the intervention of your defender. You are always free to make the best possible choices. All this, of course, in full compliance with our rules: discretion and professional secrecy.


If necessary, the personal follow-up of your file by one of our lawyers can be combined with the assistance of another one. Our association is multidisciplinary and strong ties of confidence and loyalty are binding our lawyers. Each one of us has its own field of expertise, whether civil, commercial, heritage, family, real estate, tax, social, criminal or other matters: We are at your disposal.

Do not hesitate to contact us !

We will be very happy to talk with you and find concrete solutions to the problems you encounter.